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Need assignment help online? provides best online assignment assistance
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Monday, February 25, 2019

Topics for Accounting Dissertation

julia Lopez
Topics for Accounting Dissertation
Topics for Accounting Dissertation
Accounting or accountancy also called "the language of business" provides the financial information or data to the business management to guide them through the overall profitability, liquidity and wealth of the company assisting them to evaluate the financial health of the organization.

Whether you are a student of science, accounting or humanities, you are required to submit a Dissertation for a final piece of study. A Dissertation is a large writing assignment which highlights your in-depth knowledge, research and interest in an important topic within your discipline. An all-encompassing dissertation is a perfect integration of meticulous research and extensive knowledge supported by solid facts.

Accounting is an essential part of every industry be it entertainment, sports, hospitality, finance or medicine. Being a widespread subject, accounting has an array of topics to choose for the dissertation. So, let's explore some best topic for accounting assignments for the dissertation that could direct you achieve your goal of writing a high-quality dissertation and enhance your knowledge at the same time.

Microfinance dissertation topics:

  • The impact of microfinance in developing countries
  • Importance of access to credit and other financial services to growth and investment 
  • The effects of microfinance on poverty eradication and economic development 
  • Evaluating the effects of microfinance on SMEs Conspicuous and inconspicuous restrictions on the evolution of a full-fledged microfinance field 
  • Evaluating the expeditious growth of global microfinance 
  • Decisive components that assist the success of microfinance 
  • Impact of an alliance between the public and private sectors on microfinance

Financing in emerging market dissertation topics 

  • Factors contributing to financial sturdiness in the banking system of developing economies 
  • Effects of foreign direct investment on developing economies 
  • Evaluating the challenges of financial institutions in developing economies 
  • China: interrelation between population and economic development
  • India: factors attributing to foreign direct investment in Asian countries

Internet banking dissertation topics

  • Future of internet banking
  • Demonetization and internet banking
  • The progress and execution of relationship banking
  • Internet banking and society
  • Internet banking Utilization among young and old population
  • The financial and economic impact of online banking 

Retail and commercial banking accounting dissertation topics

  • Optimal capital structure for a retail bank
  • Evaluation and inference for indigenous commercial banks
  • Alternate delivery channels in retail banking
  • The interrelation between equity, price, and performance in the banking industry
  • Financial services are given to the rural population
  • Evolution of retail banking
  • Liability management in commercial banking: Theoretical and practical aspects
  • Impact of credit flow on agricultural productivity
  • Adaptation of commercial banking to the fluctuating demands of corporate entities
  • Implications of Financial directives on modern banking structure
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the banking industry - finance dissertation topics
  • The prominence and consequence of corporate social responsible banking
  • Ethical issues in CRS
  • Bank regimes and practices in CRS
  • Analysis of the retirement plans given by banks
  • CRS a commercial essential, a divergent for the city and analysts to judge the growing essence of an organization 
  • CRS is now less of an option and more of a prerequisite for businesses to prosper
  • The ethics of banking profits

Risk management accounting dissertation topics

  • Analysis and discussion of development, liquidity, revenue, risk and return of the financial institution
  • Foreign exchange risk management within a financial institution
  • An assessment and appraisal of the risk or return profile of certain chosen banks

Accounting standards dissertation topics

  • Audit committees and branch difficulties with combined code
  • Objectives of the current set of accounting standards
  • An investigation into outsourcing of accounting overseas
  • Analysis of international accounting standards
  • Literacy, cognizance and gender propensity in accounting
  • The efficiency of contemporary accounting literacy in providing new accountants with essential expertise and requirements 
  • Ethics in accounting education
  • Accounting as skill: rendition, veracity and annual reports
  • Impact of internal controls on the workforce: An internal case study in the field of banking  
  • Women and accountancy: evaluate the partnership
  • Investigating the effects of gender bias on recruitment, development, and motivation of female accountants
  • Art of accounting: characterization, validity and annual reports
  • Perception of risk in the field of audit
  • Alternative investment- finance dissertation topics
  • Hedge funds: Return enhancer, risk diversifier or both 
  • Comparison of cost and investing in mutual funds related to mutual fund returns
  • Cryptocurrency – alternative to high risk, high return investments
  • Effect of regulatory intervention and enforcement in alternative investments
  • The development of hedge funds: The reasons for continuous growth and its implications on investment markets
  • The popularity of index and mutual funds
  • The financial crisis 2007/08: Liquidity and Transparency in Alternative Investments

Ethics in accounting dissertation topics:

  • Methods to impart knowledge of principles to university accounting students
  • Ethics in Banking
  • Accounting for the brand: does it matter.
  • Accounting principles education and professional credibility in the banking industry
  • Are accounting control systems effective enough to prevent cases of fraud and unethical behavior in businesses


The above topics would definitely help you to choose a suitable topic for your academic paper and ease your way through the uphill task of starting a writing marathon called dissertation.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

3 Things to Know About Business Management

julia Lopez
3 Things to Know About Business Management
The academic life of a business management student is quite hectic. When we talk about business management we generally tend to see numerous career opportunities everywhere. There is always something relevant happening in the life of a business management student. There is much competition in their academic voyage. Business management students are often blessed with enormous career growth and excellence. Students are required to perform well in weekly tests, assignments, and exams. Let’s apprehend the meaning and significant aspects of business management.

What is business management?

Business management can be understood as the process of delivering a broad understanding of administrating and supervising the management activities within an organization and business. It is a relevant factor and component which develops the strategy to keep a business and the related process which involves efficient execution of such strategies.

3 important things to learn about business management

1. Fundamentals of business management
People - Human resources are a crucial component of any company’s topmost assets. Motivating and leading your employees set the level of success of your business and inspire them to achieve the goals efficiently.

Accounting – Accounting is also a significant concept in business management. Appropriate management of everyday accounting and finances of a business is quite crucial to operations.

Marketing - Marketing is not only about advertising any goods or services. In fact, there is much more in marketing than plain advertising. Identifying and interacting with the ultimate customers and reach out to them should be the aim of marketing process. The fundamentals of business management also include many components such as business operations and finance.

2. Benefits of studying business management
Studying business management is highly beneficial for the students as well as entrepreneurs. The fundamental significance and benefit of studying business management is that it can array the entrepreneurs and managers with vital business skills and capabilities. The most eminent and booming business managers are those who apprehend the worth and prominence of teamwork.

3. Business management operations
A business management operation which is also known as ‘operations management’ can be understood as the effective administration and direction of the business activities and operations with an aim to achieve great efficiency and pre-determined goals. It is all about transforming the raw material and manpower into the execution of final goods and service with earning maximum profit to the organization. The operations management team undertakes to maintain as well as balance the costs to accomplish the potential peak net operating profit. Career and advancement in the field of business management and operations surely comprise the elements like monitoring, execution and evaluation of certain business processes which aims to accelerate the level of profit.

Final thoughts
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Monday, December 17, 2018

5 Chic Reasons to Get Assignment Help Auckland Right Now

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assignment help AUckland

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